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About The Friends

Established in 1985, the Friends of the Middleborough Public Library (FMPL) serves as the major fundraising organization supporting programs and events at the Library. Currently activities offered by the library staff are not covered in the Library’s annual budget from the Town. The Library and the staff relies on the fundraising efforts of the Friends to meet the needs of our community. The FMPL is recognized as one of the most significant nonprofits in Middleborough that focuses on enhancing the services provided to all residents of our Town.

Recently, the Friends’ commitment to the Community and the Library was recognized by the late Attorney William Decas who bequeathed the Peter H. Peirce Homestead located adjacent to the Library (132 North Main Street) to us.  The FMPL is committed to upholding the historical significance of the property and to using the property to continue the Peirce and Decas Families’ commitment to the public library. The Friends look to transition the property from its current focus as a residential/commercial building to a property which will also serve as space for community-based programs associated with the Library, and will promote the history of the Peter H. Peirce Homestead, its occupants, and their impact on the history of Middleborough. Historical Downtown Middleborough.

In addition to the upcoming acquisition of the Peirce Homestead, the Friends of the Middleborough Public Library own, maintain, and insure the parking lot located on the corner of North Main and Peirce Street.  To ensure that families and seniors who use the Library will find off-street parking, the Friends are committed to retaining this asset and are currently addressing constraints associated with its usage by people who are not actively utilizing the Library.  The FMPL has begun to address a variety of capital improvements and will be looking to establish a long-term plan to ensure that it continues to exist as a valuable holding for the patrons of the library.

 n our community.

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